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How to install Whats App on smartphone



How to install whats app

This article will guide you How to install Whats App on smartphone. Whats App is a popular messaging service that allows you to make call and send message to other Whats App users. Using whats app you can send unlimited message and make unlimited videos,audio calls.

The powerful feature of whats app is to make unlimited groups with multiples users. You can set up group conversations to chat with multiple people at once, as well as send pictures and videos through the app.

Step 1: Searching Whats App

To install whats app got to the app or play store on your phone and type ‘Whats App’ into the search bar. This will bring up the Whats App Messenger, which is free to download.

Step 2: Installing Whats App

Tap on ‘Install’ and then ‘Accept’ to give Whats App the permissions it requires to run. This will automatically start the download process.

Step 3: Open Whats App

Once the download process will completed, tap on ‘Open’ to open the app.
You will be prompted to agree to the Terms of Service. Accept this to move on to the next stage.

Step 4: Phone Number Verification

Now you need to verify your mobile number, input your mobile number and tap ‘Next’ . It will ask you to confirm your phone number you want to verify. So if you’ve made any mistakes, you can go back and correct them. It will then send a text with a 6 digit verification code. Whats App should automatically detect this and verify your phone number. You can also simply type the code that you get via sms.

That’s it! Whats App is installed on your phone. You can now start messaging and calls with your friends and family members.

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